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Here on this website you will find various bit of information about me, Mark Sampson, I will also share various bits of things that have 

happened or gone on in my life.  Hopefully you will enjoy some of the things that I share on this page!

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I am currently a player, coach and website administrator for the mighty Thrumpton Cricket Club, based in Nottinghamshire.  You can see more about this fantastic club by visitng the clubs website at www.thrumptoncc.co.uk

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I also enjoy a good bit of blogging abut various interests such as, Ice Hockey, NFL, Cricket, Model Railways and Heritage Railways.  You can read my blog by clicking at

  Rambles from Fine Leg

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Finally, this girl is my rock and I really can't imagine being without her, we got engaged in September 2014 and look forward to planning both a wedding and starting our own family!